experts to experts conference 14th June 2022, Cluj Innovation Park

The Software Architect’s Role in the Age of Prescribed Architectures

12:00 - 12:30

Today’s cloud-first applications require from the software architect a careful selection of patterns, components and services from a vast catalogue recommended by each cloud provider. The growing number of recommended patterns, components, and services available create the impression that there is already a solution to every problem and the architect is simply required to choose the right combination, very much like a chef’s menu of the day: predefined, non-creative, and budget restricted. But is this truly the case?

Sergiu Damian

Over fifteen years of experience in an architect’s role, 22+ overall in software development. Attended numerous architecture trainings and masterclasses. Owner of a boutique software business lately active in healthcare applications, insurance, and fintech. Active in consultant roles for medium to large-size software development teams. Passionate about translating real needs into quality software and wood working. Perfect creative environment: a long enough ski slope.

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