experts to experts conference 14th June 2023, Cluj Innovation Park

Micro Frontends - To Use or Not to Use?

15:00 - 15:30

As Micro Frontends become more and more widespread, some people are of the opinion that they will come to replace the traditional style front-end, being similar to microservices. Yet, some people share a different opinion, pointing out the differences between the two. Will they take over? Are they the future? Should you use them? Does your application actually need them? To Use, or Not to Use, that is the question that we’ll be answering together!

Rares-Valer Coanta

(Code Crafters by BT)

Rareș is a determined Senior Full-Stack developer with a passion for innovation in the field of web applications and a drive towards discovering new ways of making the web as user friendly and as accessible as possible. As a proud Code Crafter, he strives for code that is both resilient and efficient, always searching for new ways of making software better. Today, Rareș will share with you one of his newest topics of interest, Micro Frontends, and will help you answer the big question, to Use or Not to Use them.

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