experts to experts conference 14th June 2023, Cluj Innovation Park

MOSO - a Framework for Sustainable Organisations

17:30 - 18:45

The presentation will cover the concepts of sustainability, what it means in different environments and what is necessary in an organisation (multinational or team) in order to ensure a true sustainable future.

Peter Leeson

Peter Leeson is a freelance consultant and coach focused on business effectiveness. With half a century of experience in the software industry, he is a former process improvement appraiser and instructor for the CMMI Institute. He is an internationally renowned speaker, instructor, and consultant. After spending many years being a process improvement consultant, Peter has focused more and more on the need for job satisfaction and the feeling of achievement as the ultimate key to quality, which means lower time to market and lower costs. Peter has worked in nearly every continent (still missing South America and Antarctica) and believes that any change for the better in an organisation has to be deeply rooted in the culture of the country, the organisation and the team. Rather than pushing a standard, model or theory, Peter believes in identifying the most pragmatic approach to resolving quality-related issues in the organisation by clearly aligning top-down objectives, goals and strategies with bottom-up practices and culture.

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