experts to experts conference 14th June 2023, Cluj Innovation Park

A Developers Guide to Communicating Tech American Style

17:00 - 17:30

Frank J. Pietrucha

Frank J. Pietrucha is a communications professional who specializes in delivering big digital-era ideas, and clear, persuasive messages that win hearts, minds, and budgets. President of Definitive Communications for over twenty years, Frank has communicated on behalf of technology companies, government organizations and economic development interests. He is author of the Washington Post bestseller Supercommunicator: Explaining The Complicated So Anyone Can Understand (Harper Collins, 2014).

After completing a multi-year contract to help NASA engineers overcome communications challenges, Frank turned his attention to international markets, specifically, Romania. He is co-founder of the INNES Innovation Center opening fall, 2023 in Craiova. He is a board member at the newly formed Romanian American Chamber of Commerce, International IT chapter and a board member at the Romanian American Chamber of Commerce’s International Cybersecurity chapter.

Frank is a graduate of Cornell University and lives on Captiol Hill in Washington, DC.

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